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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vivian Dandridge

Vivian Alferetta Dandridge
Born: April 22, 1921
Died: October 21, 1991

Actress, Singer, Pianist

Vivian at one time became a strict vegetarian.  

Vivian was married five times: Jack Montgomery (Actor) (1942-43),

(Top) Warren

(Warren Bracken)
Warren Bracken (Musician)  (?-?) 

Ralph Bledsoe (Musician) (1946-47)

Forace Stead (1951-53) (was also Vivian's manager at the time)  Vivian divorced him because of his extreme gambling habits.  She claimed that her house painter husband gambled away most of both of their earnings and even pawned some of their belongings to obtain money for gambling .  The couple married in 1951.  They divorced in 1953.  Vivian was 30 and Forace was 31 at the time.

 and Gustav Friedrich (1958-?). All of her marriages ended in divorce. 

(Emmett Wallace)

She was also romantically linked to actor Emmett Wallace (known as "Babe Wallace") with whom she had a son, Michael Emmett Wallace (born November 7, 1943).

The Dandridge Sisters (Etta, Dorothy, Vivian)

w/ Dottie

w/ Dottie

The Dandridge Sisters (Top - Vivian, L- Etta, R- Dorothy)

JGS-8017 - The Look of Love - Vivian Dandridge [1968] Love Is Blue/Try To Remember/Strange Fruit/Sunny/I Cover The Waterfront/Look Of Love/You're My Thrill/A Coat Of Laughter/Lover Man/Travelin' Light/You Don't Know What Love Is/Lover Come Back To Me 

w/ Otto and Dorothy
Vivian was a gifted singer.  She was in the film 'Bright Road' (1953) with her sister Dorothy (She was also Dorothy's hairdresser for the film).  Also, made an appearance in the Bob Hope comedy for Paramount, 'Here Comes the Girls'.  Her husband Forest Stead managed her career.  

Michael Wallace,  Vivian's son was in 'Bright Road' (1953).  Playing a student.